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Linen Comfort

amaternity dress back amaternity dress close up button front amaternity dress front


For me this reincarnation journey took its form logically: Awesome vintage linen = maternity clothing.

The crispness and softness of the linen immediately reminded me of my pregnancies, which were very uncomfortable and I wish I could have done more relaxing in bed!

Take the feeling of fresh linen with you as you face another day in pregnant “bliss” 😉

Size 12-14

Zip on Left

Adjustable button front, with pleats front and back for growing belly and boobs

Maxi Style

How I Met This Coat

Retro Blanket Jacket Front

I first met this coat, back, when it originally was an old faithful blanket.


retro blanket

retro tassle orginal view

I imagine this Blanket is forever etched in someone’s memory; A familiar bedspread on their parents bed, a play rug, or a picnic blanket. Ol’ faithful was there! Until one day, when Ol’ faithful just become Ol’. That is where our journey begins. When I saw this lonely bedspread, abandoned, I felt the need to revive its spirit and reincarnate it into a new form. High collars and big buttons were my first thoughts and the garment took shape.

Retro Blanket Jacket Collar Down

Retro BlNKET jACKET back


Size 10

Only one available.

Extra button on the inside of Coat.

The Collar has two styles; high collar, or a very nice curled over collar (photos above).

Bubble Style bottom with original trim on the front of the jacket.

Some inside seams bias bind.

A special gift of a zip purse included…just because ❤

retro little purse rero bag looks like a fish

How Lance Became our Front Man

Psycho Chocolate met Lance on location at her first photoshoot of a new charm range.

Lance doing his signature look.

Lance doing his signature look.

“Lance is a really easy going nice guy, the “go to guy”, always there. In the background”

New charm collection, available in my store <3

New charm collection, available in my store ❤

“then late into the photoshoot he came into focus”

“I thought to myself, we need to see more!! (insert elegant laugh)”

“I think Lance enjoys this new attention…”

Charms will be available for purchase in my store ❤ PC